Description: On board ambience on a sightseeing boat sailing round the Greek island with the mic towards the sea at the rear of the boat

Description: General ambience of travelling on London's Underground at around midnight on a week day

Description: Train departing a station on a sunny, early Summer's day

Description: An electric window on a car going up

Description: Diesel car (Vauxhall Vectra) pulls up a drive way, stops, handbreak, switches off engine and car door slam and locks

Description: Tractor starts then revs with occasional gear grind, more revs then stalls

Description: Short blast of a steam whistle from a steam train (Betws Y Coed, North Wales)

Description: Car door slams, Vauxhall Vectra

Description: Internal ambience of a Airbus A300 aeroplane flying at a steady speed with a PA announcement from the captain / pilot

Description: The siren of a passing police car in Euston, North London on the way to the 2011 riots

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