Description: Urban ambience with distant train heard throughout. Various sounds of cars, birds and quiet city ambience also mix with the air horn of the train. Presented in two sections: the first with prominent train sounds, and the second half containing passing cars and street ambience. Great for presence or background tone for film and video projects.

Description: Diesel Amtrak locomotive idling at station before departure. Engine running, with intermittent release of air from air brakes and starts and stops of dynamos within the locomotive. Makes a great background for any visual involving a train, or use mechanical samples for electronic music.

Description: Street sweeper cleaning streets at medium distance in city, prominent sound of engine and hydraulics mixed with rotating brushes and water. Variations in intensity as sweeper moves closer and away, with sounds of hydraulics lifting brush mechanism during the cleaning process.

Description: Train departs from Amtrak railway station. Prominent air horn and sound of locomotive starting up and passing by in close perspective, followed by the rest of the passenger train, with various squeaks and mechanical sounds, eventually receding into the distance.

Description: Arrival of Amtrak passenger train at terminal in United States. Grows from distant perspective of train horn to extremely close perspective of passing train. Train horn, clicking of the track, and brake squeal prominent.

Description: Trackside ambience with train idling in station. Hisses, air brakes and ambient station sounds make for a great ambient supporting track.

Description: Passenger train departs station, with sounds of train whistle announcing the departure, and the slow roll of the train becoming a rhythmic crescendo as the train pulls away. Close perspective leading to the distant air horn blasts of the train as it recedes into the distance.

Description: Arrival of Amtrak passenger train at southern US rail station. From distant train whistle to passing within a few feet of the microphones, this wide stereo recording captures the power and intensity of a locomotive and its passenger cars as they arrive at the station.

Description: Street sweeper moving in background on city street, cleaning street with brushes and water. Stops and starts, with reversing beep and restart of cleaning process.

Description: Idling locomotive waiting in train station. Sounds of generators whirring, air brakes engaging and releasing, and general mechanical noise as locomotive idles.

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