Description: 90s Citroen ZX diesel, ignition, engine idling, off

Description: 19th Century sailing ship moving through the sea, gentle rocking, ships bell, creaking timbers and rigging

Description: Driving Mercedes 230 TE, recorded inside car. Starts, revs, pulls away.

Description: Land fog horn, warning ships from rocks off headland. Long low and deep tone

Description: Inside underground train arriving at station. Sound of carriages over tracks in tunnel, pneumatic hiss and squeal of brakes, train arriving at station and coming to halt, doors opening

Description: Naval Rescue helicopter hovering near cliff. The sound from the blades comes in out of phase

Description: Old fashioned Bicycle bell ringing

Description: Car failing to start, starter motor turning over but engine not engaging.

Description: Car door opening and closing, Renault Clio.

Description: Light propellor driven aircraft flying overhead in the distance

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