Description: Smooth non synth sounding organic movements. Stereo.

Description: Organic pass by whooshes sourced from the Pali in Hawaii. No reverb or added sounds. Stereo.

Description: Pali wind whoosh series, this time filtered for a rounder sound. Denser then pine whoosh series. Stereo.

Description: Series of flanged whooshes. Stereo.

Description: fast to medium slow whooshes from organic source. stereo. series.

Description: Series of whooshes for animation or comedy. Stereo.

Description: This series is minimally processed. More reverb or eq which can be added to taste. These particular whooshes are not layered but as such may stand alone or be used as a bed to sandwich other desired frequencies. A variety of speeds including very fast. Sourced from an exterior field recording of a speeding commuter train I made recently.

Description: Strong, organic, whoosh bys. Stereo. No added reverb or flanging.

Description: Slow, thick, panned, organic whoosh by to underlie evolving graphics. Stereo.

Description: A high pitch windup leading to a sonic boom like pass by with fast follow through. Stereo. The boom is mostly bass with some high end sizzle. Full range speakers needed.

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