Description: Sound of whoosh - fast star

Description: Rotating object whooshing flyby

Description: Electric humming kind of transitional whoosh

Description: Futuristic sci-fi transitional sound effect.

Description: Futuristing choir stinger sound effect.

Description: This is one sound out of a sound pack featuring some realistic recording, like for example a sci-fi implosion sound that sounds like some sort of energy or power is reunited into one singularity and a mage or wizard takes and controls that power.

Description: This is one sound out of a collection of futuristic one shot sounds that immerse you into a future landscape of dystopia and horror, useful in games or cinematic film purposes as well as audio items.

Description: This is one sound effect from a sound pack featuring 4 layered sound effects featuring different modern flavours of trailer, game or interface sounds, that can be used anywhere even in DJ sets and songs.

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