Description: Powerful cinematic whoosh sound from Cinemusic Sound Library. All sounds are normalized to -1db and ready for your production.

Description: Ambience Atmosphere Crowd People Scream Panic Crowd Panicking, Loop

Description: Ambience Atmosphere Forest Birds Crow Forest Ambience With A Crow And Other Birds

Description: Ambience Atmosphere Crowd People Walla Cheer Crowd Cheering, Loop

Description: Unique whooshes. Great for transition effects. Each whoosh is a multi-layered sound that was carefully designed to bring you something fresh and new

Description: Light air mysterious sounds. Great for movies,video games,animation,credits,presentations,advertising etc.

Description: Ambience Atmosphere Gym Roomtone Noise Loop Gym Roomtone, Loop

Description: This is one sound out of a collection of transition howling and daunting low whoosh sounds that are very close in sound to a suspenseful and thrilling experience in a film or a videogame. They can also be used as transitions between scenes or show segments in a YouTube video, for example.

Description: This is a collection of smooth and synthetic transition sounds, whooshes and soft movements, useful for the ambience of a movie or horror video game, or for a transition or seagway into a video on youtube or indie trailer. Use this pack as you plase.

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