Description: Bubbles; Rapid Hollow; Rapid Small Bubbles. Hollow Sounding.

Description: Bubbles; Massed Echoed; Echoed Massed Small Bubbles.

Description: Bubbles; Long Rhythmic; Long Rhythmic Watery Bubbles.

Description: Bubbles; Long Hollow; Bubbling. Hollow Sounding.

Description: Bubbles; Short Bursts; Short Bursts Of Bubbles With Echo.

Description: Bubbles; Heavy Constant ( Various ); Various Heavy Constant Bubbles.

Description: Water Drain; Plug Hole; Water Down Plug Hole.

Description: Bow Wash; Ship Bow Wash.

Description: Bow Wash; Ships Bow Wash. Fast Scything Through Water.

Description: Bow Wash; Ships Bow Wash. Good Scything Through Water With Slight Engine Hum. Vessel Increases Speed After A While And Bow Wash Becomes More Constant.