Description: Newspaper boy shouting Extra, extra, read all about it, human voice speaking.

Description: Park, outdoor, 2 children playing and chasing each other, other children in distance, kids talking, laughing, giggling, yelling, screaming, running, some individual words, human voice.

Description: School yard, Playground, outdoor, 10+ children, recess, bell rings, kids playing, laughing, screaming, yelling. Lots of chatter and talking, some individual words, stereo.

Description: Rocket ship, blast off, sci-fi, FX from human voice.

Description: Temper tantrum, 1 girl, 8 yrs., screaming, yelling, crying, whining, sobbing, angry, I dont want to, human voice, kid, child, female.

Description: Temper tantrum, 1 child, 9 yrs., whining, sobbing, crying, yelling, Its not fair, human voice, kid, crying.

Description: Gathering, live ambience, group of 30-50 family, kids, adults talking.. restaurant, dinner party..., stereo, , human voice.

Description: Gathering, group of 10-20, walla, laughing and talking in foreground and background, party, human voice.

Description: Doctor, male: This might hurt a little, medical, hospital, doctors office, medical, human voice speaking.

Description: Female crying, long sobbing, pain, anguish, human voice.

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