Description: Drugs, male: the sound of smokin up.., human voice speaking.

Description: Santa Claus saying "HO HO HO" in an epic and familiar fashion.

Description: A funny cartoon voice saying "Good Job" In a rewarding way.

Description: The word “Whisper” and “Whispering” whispered in male voice x 3.

Description: The word “Rich” spoken in deep male voice.

Description: Male English northern accent saying “Manchester” x 2.

Description: Occasion, event, female, foreign, French bonne anniversaire mon ami, Happy birthday my friend.

Description: 3 Pssts, progressively louder, human voice speaking.

Description: Wicked witch, scream... Im melting... ahhh, human voice speaking.

Description: Miscellaneous, male, Oh, nice with English accent, human voice speaking.