Description: Psst, 1 child, higher-pitched, human voice, kid, speak, talk.

Description: Doctor, male: Tell me where it hurts, medical, hospital, doctors office, medical, human voice speaking.

Description: Temper tantrum, 1 child, 9 yrs., whining, sobbing, crying, yelling, Its not fair, human voice, kid, crying.

Description: School yard, Playground, outdoor, 10+ children, recess, bell rings, kids playing, laughing, screaming, yelling. Lots of chatter and talking, some individual words, stereo.

Description: Party, playroom, 20-30 children, indoor, large room, lots of laughing, screaming, yelling and chatter, human voice, kids playing, birthday celebration.

Description: A funny cartoon voice saying "Hey, Cut that out!" In a wimpy and pathetic manner.

Description: Temper tantrum, 1 girl, 8 yrs., screaming, yelling, crying, whining, sobbing, angry, I dont want to, human voice, kid, child, female.

Description: Voice on the telephone, Hello, Hello, Hello!! whos there, whos there!, human voice speaking.

Description: Drum, boing, pitch bending, FX from human voice.

Description: Lunchroom or Party Room, indoor, Bolivia, 20-30 children, kids walking, talking, laughing, playing, in foreground and background, language not too discernible, human voice, stereo.