Description: Broadcast, male commentator, hockey, sports, play-by-play, human voice speaking.

Description: Mayday distress call from radio with radio noise.

Description: Male Auctioneer: Sell: One Hundred To Five Hundred Dollars; Announcements & Speeches, Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: grandpa down at the store p**sed off.

Description: Class, school, teacher asks grade 5 class to recite multiplication tables, 5 x tables.

Description: Outdoor Village, Indonesia, busy street, 30+ children playing, laughing, talking, screaming, some adults, some nature sounds, language not too discernible, stereo.

Description: Cowboys Driving Large Herd Of Cattle Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Child, Boy, Yells Yahoo, Yeehaw, Yippee Children Or Babies Voices Only;Male Only Human Voices;Screams & Yells

Description: Generic Sports Report, Radio, Announcer, Tv, Television Announcements & Speeches

Description: baby screeching and wailing on packed plane.