Description: Male: Ouch, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Chants & Vocals;Male Only Human Voices

Description: Male: Low, Continuous Monotone Chant, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Chants & Vocals

Description: Large Crowd Of Cowboys Yelling With Raised Gunfire, Human Male Only Human Voices;Screams & Yells;Handgun, Pistol & Revolver Firing

Description: Unicom Radio Broadcast: One Way Communication Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Generic Good News Report, Radio, Announcer, Tv, Television Announcements & Speeches

Description: Voice, Male Humming To Self; Announcements & Speeches, Male Only Human Voices

Description: Greetings, Earthlings! Take Me To Your Leader!, Electronic, Computer, Sci Fi Androids, Robots & Sci Fi Servos;Alien & Space Transmissions

Description: Male: Crazy Man Muttering, Babbling And Chuckling Laughter;Male Only Human Voices

Description: Cowboys Urging Cattle Up Wood Ramp Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Male: What'S Going On There, Comedy, Cartoon Comedy Chants & Vocals;Male Only Human Voices