Description: Cowboys Herding Cattle Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Gathering, group of 5-10, walla, talking, gathered in a bar. a little more rowdy and loud, human voice.

Description: Child, Boy, Yells Yahoo, Yeehaw, Yippee Children Or Babies Voices Only;Male Only Human Voices;Screams & Yells

Description: baby screeching and wailing on packed plane.

Description: stewardess announces federal regulations before airline takeoff.

Description: HUMAN VOICES & SOUNDS MALE: INT: Sobbing two men.

Description: A pilot speaking over the intercom after landing safely. Passenger voices in background.

Description: Male Voice, DJ, alphabet, A-Zed, speaking, human voice.

Description: Kids, 2 young children eating and talking, very cute, human voice speaking.