Description: Female announcer saying 3, 2, 1, Go!. Great for races. Very over the top.

Description: Male announcer saying "On your marks, get set..GO" with a starting pistol bang.

Description: Reaction, female, Mmm!, human voice speaking.

Description: Pain, male, dying, agony, moan, human voice.

Description: Drunk, male, mumbling, silly, hiccups, human voice.

Description: Sci Fi Voice Clip Computer Young Female Access Granted Science Fiction.

Description: Female, Various commands, moans, orgasm, pleasure, sex, innuendo, speaking, human voice.

Description: Santa Claus wishing everybody a “Merry Christmas” x 3.

Description: Reaction, positive, male, Yes!, human voice speaking.

Description: Vocal warm-up, singing, male, long, comedic opera warm-up, voice cracks, human voice.