Description: Tobogganing, outdoor, crisp winter day, close stereo mid-hill perspective, kids laughing playing, screaming and yelling, human voice, kids, winter sport, stereo.

Description: Generic Good News Report, Radio, Announcer, Tv, Television Announcements & Speeches

Description: Woman'S Voice On Phone, Indistinct Female Only Human Voices

Description: Chinese Man, Answering Questions Male Only Human Voices

Description: Amazon Bora Tribe: Chief Reciting A Story Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Two Way Police Radio: Communications Police Equipment;Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: The ambient murmur of people people talking with one another at a small outdoor party.

Description: Unrestrained joy and wild desire to dance. Infectious acoustic drums and latin percussions, marimba, vibraphone, guitar, piano and a crazy trumpet. Here are the funny ingredients of this foolish track that reminds caribbean flavours and tropical atmospheres. Comedies, TV/Radio broadcasts and more.

Description: Telephone Message On Hold Music, Narration with relaxing music that fits exactly your business.

Description: Robot voice is talking / speaking navigatin system phrases. Spoken phrases with american accent with the sound of a futuristic robot. Check the other sounds of this serie. Also avaiable in different robot sound colours. Can be used for movies and films. There is a pause different the words so you can cut easily the necessary part.