Description: Fight, large group of children yelling,& screaming, fight, fight to encourage a fight already in progress, human voice, kids.

Description: Female voice, alphabet, A-Zed, speaking, human voice.

Description: Party, playroom, 20-30 children, indoor, large room, lots of laughing, screaming, yelling and chatter, human voice, kids playing, birthday celebration.

Description: Sound of: drunken male voice - out of tune song

Description: Generic Sports Report, Radio, Announcer, Tv, Television Announcements & Speeches

Description: Announcement over intercom in Paris train station

Description: Lunchroom or Party Room, indoor, Bolivia, 20-30 children, kids walking, talking, laughing, playing, in foreground and background, language not too discernible, human voice, stereo.

Description: Letters, alphabet, male voice, alphabet A to Z , both Zee and Zed.

Description: Voice over and sound effects for Genie theme.

Description: Landing Announcement: English And French Announcements & Speeches