Description: Male announcer saying "On your marks, get set..GO" with a starting pistol bang.

Description: Group voices shouting “Surprise” “Cheers” and “Hooray”.

Description: The words "You can run but you can't hide" spoken in ominous deep voice with delayed fade.

Description: Male voice saying Congratulations with fanfare and cheers.

Description: The phrase “You have got to be kidding” spoken in male voice.

Description: “I'm Rich” shouted in jubilant male voice with falling coins and fanfare.

Description: The word “Yes” shouted in male voice.

Description: Sound of man shouting "Here Kitty" with cat meow response and purr.

Description: Mr Punch character from Punch And Judy show saying “That's The Way To Do It” in character puppet voice.

Description: Group voices shouting “Hooray” with party poppers and drinks pouring.