Description: Gathering, live ambience, group of 20-30 adults talking, intimate and close up..., stereo,.

Description: Various spoken phrases of a Pirate character.

Description: Male laugh, long, belly, no at end, human voice.

Description: Numbers, male voice, counting numbers1 to infinity, human voice speaking.

Description: Broadcast, male commentator, golf, sports, play-by-play, human voice speaking.

Description: Auctioneer Breaks His Concentration, Almost Laughs Announcements & Speeches

Description: Male Voice, DJ, alphabet, A-Zed, speaking, human voice.

Description: Gathering, group of 10-20, walla, laughing and talking in foreground and background, party, human voice.

Description: Park, outdoor, 2 children playing and chasing each other, other children in distance, kids talking, laughing, giggling, yelling, screaming, running, some individual words, human voice.

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