Description: Numbers, male voice, counting numbers1 to infinity, human voice speaking.

Description: Park, outdoor, 2 children playing and chasing each other, other children in distance, kids talking, laughing, giggling, yelling, screaming, running, some individual words, human voice.

Description: Male laugh, long, belly, no at end, human voice.

Description: Female voice, alphabet, A-Zed, speaking, human voice.

Description: Cheering, applause & bar ambience, group, whistling, woo hoo talking, stereo.

Description: Sermon, Priest from the south, religion, preaching, human voice.

Description: Letters, alphabet, male voice, alphabet A to Z , both Zee and Zed.

Description: Conversation, 4-6 children, discussing life on other planets, talking, debating, yelling, laughing, giggling, funny, comical, kids, males, females, girls, boy, human voice.

Description: Gathering, group of 10-20, walla, laughing and talking in foreground and background, party, human voice.

Description: Class, school, teacher asks grade 5 class to recite multiplication tables, 5 x tables.

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