Description: Communications Over Police Radio, Male Police Equipment;Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Child, Boy, Yells Yahoo, Yeehaw, Yippee Children Or Babies Voices Only;Male Only Human Voices;Screams & Yells

Description: Two Way Radio Communications: Garbled Speech, Heavy Static, Airplane Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Communication Over Police Radio, Female Police Equipment;Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Unicom Radio Broadcast: One Way Communication Radio & Dispatch Communications

Description: Voice, Male Humming To Self; Announcements & Speeches, Male Only Human Voices

Description: Landing Announcement: English And French Announcements & Speeches

Description: Cowboys Urging Cattle Up Wood Ramp Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Male Auctioneer: Sell: One Hundred To Five Hundred Dollars; Announcements & Speeches, Miscellaneous Human Voices

Description: Speaking Cherokee Miscellaneous Human Voices

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