Description: Group, Yay!, with cheering, crowd, positive, reaction, response, speaking, human voice.

Description: Newspaper boy shouting Extra, extra, read all about it, human voice speaking.

Description: Sexy, fun, male, deep voice, Oh yeah!, human voice speaking.

Description: store pa system announcement about closing time.

Description: announcement for a race start. says "ready, set, go!".

Description: Male, Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas, Santa, occasions, speaking, human voice.

Description: Male announcer saying "An The Winner Is" with dramatic drum roll build.

Description: Female voice, counting numbers from 1-19, speaking, human voice.

Description: Female, Flight attendant announcement, w. FX, stewardess, service, speaking, human voice.

Description: Female, You are now entering a world from which you will never return. You may choose to embrace it, or fight it, but you cannot change it, nor can you go back... Your happiness is in your own mind., w. sci-fi ambience.

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