Description: Sound of: fast heavy truck passing

Description: Driving Steady, Clanks Hummers & Humvees

Description: this sound is from a trip to an auto auction in a very large car hauler.there is mic buffeting here and there. play it loud.

Description: Int, Drive 40 Mph Through Tunnel Diesel Trucks

Description: 16 Foot Diesel Box Truck: Ext: On Board: Idle, Drive In Low Gear, High Rev, Stop, Idle, From Exhaust; Diesel Trucks, Car Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Description: Vintage Army Jeep driving off road.

Description: 16 Foot Diesel Box Truck: Ext: Idle, Reverse Away Right With Medium Acceleration, Idle; Diesel Trucks, Car Drive Aways

Description: Int: Start, Idle, Drive, Slow To Stop, Idle Diesel Trucks

Description: Start, Pull Away Ahead Short Distance, Stop, Shut Off; Vintage Recording; Car Drive Aways

Description: Car, Pick Up Truck, Chevrolet, Old, On Asphalt, Brakes Hard, Screeching Tires; Digiffects; Chevy Trucks; Car Skids, Braking & Tires