Description: Ford F150 Pickup Truck: Ext: Pass By At Very Slow Speed; Ford Trucks, Car Passes

Description: Range Rover Suv: Int: Driving On Bumpy Road Land Rovers

Description: Int: Start, Drive At Medium Speed On Dirt Road, Stop, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle Jeeps

Description: Hummer H2 Suv: Ext: Approach Left At Slow Speed, Pull Up, Shut Off; Hummers & Humvees, Car Drive Towards

Description: Monster Truck: Idle, Rev By Race Cars

Description: Hummer H1 Suv: Ext: Pass By At Medium Slow Speed On Asphalt Road, Sport Utility Vehicle Hummers & Humvees

Description: Truck; Interior Open Window Point Of View, In Stop And Go Traffic. Rattling Engine Idle And Light Brake Squeaks Throughout. Short Truck Horn Honk ( Index 02 @ 1; 08 ) . A Few Air Brake Hisses. Could.

Description: Ext: Pass By, Slow Speed, Light Gravel Road Ford Trucks

Description: Old Beat Up Pickup Truck: Exterior: Idle, Drive At Very Slow Speed, Stop, Shut Off, Moving Beside Vehicle; Ford Trucks, Car Mufflers & Exhaust Systems