Description: Over 2 minutes of a series of different train whistles. Pick the one that suits your background.

Description: Sound of: slowly passing short passenger train

Description: Distant diesel whistles then train accelerates by. After the peak, more horn blows. Stereo.

Description: Sound of: slow suburb train passing

Description: Made this tonight as I was out filming lightning and it is an awesome train clip I think.

Description: Modern hi-speed commuter train, very close medium fast by. Very faint train bells. Stereo.

Description: Airport Terminal Shuttle Train - Doors Boarding Stop And Exit - Gatwick

Description: Freight train passing by as I was filming some lightning and it was so clear I just had to make this to use .

Description: Train Metropolitan, passes over from iron viaduct the city bg transit vehicles pedestrians voices

Description: Train Metropolitan, pass coming close on iron viaduct bg transit vehicles-a