Description: Start / Away ( Exterior ); Septa Train Starting Away With Mic Near Wheel.

Description: Transportation Train Pass By Right To Left Whistle Blow Metallic Grind Rumble.

Description: Urban ambience with distant train heard throughout. Various sounds of cars, birds and quiet city ambience also mix with the air horn of the train. Presented in two sections: the first with prominent train sounds, and the second half containing passing cars and street ambience. Great for presence or background tone for film and video projects.

Description: Small Diesel Locomotive: On Board: Int: Idle, Idle, Pull Away, Bells, Radio Communication With Engineer; Bells, Announcements & Speeches, Trains

Description: Train, Exterior Perspective; Air Release Close Slow Pull Out With Metal Groans. Accelerates To Medium Speed With Close Rail Clicks.

Description: Railway station ambience at Celakovice, the Czech Republic.

Description: An old rusty freight train slowly starting to a steady speed out of the train yard.

Description: This is a recording of a freight train recorded with a binaural dummy head.

Description: sound recorded by FXProSound. Usable in media, game, foley. Acoustic: processed, envelopped, normalized.