Description: Train Horn Distant; Train Horn Blasts With Rail Clicks Steady In Distance.

Description: Steam Train Narrow gauge Railway 1 - On board travel with children - whistles - starts and stops

Description: Medium Train Station: Int: Light Crowd Ambience, Voices, Footsteps, Distant Trains Idling; Train Station Ambiences, Trains

Description: Steam Train Station: Platform Ambience, People, Trains, Bells Bells;Trains

Description: Steam Train, By; Low Distant Hum And Rumble Of Train In And By With Clanks, Creaks Of Boxcars As They Pass. Light Rail Clicks And Squeaks. Distant To Close Perspective And Away With Distant Horn Blows And Distant Rail Crossing Bell. Distant To Close-up.

Description: Train, Exterior Perspective; Steady, With Constant Rail Clicks And Metal Rattles, Medium Distant Train Horn Blows, Bells By. Good For Top Of Train Perspective.

Description: Train Interior - Steady - First Class Car.

Description: Start / Away ( Exterior ); Septa Train Starting Away With Mic Near Wheel.