Description: Large Front End Loader Tractor: 644-H: Ext: Engine Running, Raise Bucket; Heavy & Construction Equipment

Description: Tractor, Ride; Digiffects; Farm Equipment

Description: VEHICLES -TRACTOR FARMING: Tractor hauling contest, various high - powered engines.

Description: Bobcat starts and operates then shuts off. Good panning. Diesel tractor idles. Diesel, Machinery Tractor Engine, Tractor.

Description: Tractor; Drive Back & Forth; Tractor Working; Idle / Drive Back And Forth / Switch Gears / Metallic Clanks, Medium Perspective.

Description: Rhythmic hissing of an old tractor engine starting up. Stereo.

Description: A construction tractor approaches, operates, idles and turns off.

Description: A single cylinder Onan engine on a 1989 Wheel Horse 212-5 riding lawn mower cranking over, starting, then stalling out.