Description: clip includes sounds of metro train arriving, doors opening, crowds intering/exiting, door alarm, doors closing and train leaving the station.

Description: Subway,London UK,Idle,Away

Description: Subway,London UK,Up & Stop

Description: Los Angeles metro ambience with speaker announcement

Description: General ambience of travelling on London's Underground at around midnight on a week day

Description: legendary S-Bahn-train starts from Friedrichstrasse-station, signal, closing doors

Description: legendyry Berlin S-Bahn rinding to Oranienburger Strasse-Station, with annoncement

Description: legendary Berlin S-Bahn drives into station, stops, doors open

Description: Sounds of a subway station which is above ground. Footsteps, people talking, squeaky breaks, announcement ("direction Uhlandstrasse"),birds,traffic noise.Recorded in stereo in Berlin.

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