Description: Interior Modern Subway Train, Various P.a. Announcements Male And Female, Close To Distant Platform P.a. Regarding A Fight In One Of The Cars. Close To Argument At Tail.

Description: Interior Modern Subway Train, Close Chinese Women Walla. Starts With Long Brake Squeal. Muffled Rail Clicks, Walla Close To Medium Perspective.

Description: Board And Exit Subway Train. Starts On Platform Train In And Stop, Announcer, Doors Open And We Board. Train Rolls, Loud With Open Windows, And Stops. Announcer, Door Opens Loud ( Index 02 @ 1;.

Description: Interior Modern Subway Train. Quiet Hum With Walla Close To Medium Perspective, Slowing To Stop. Doors Open, Announcer. Close Door Bell ( Index 02 @; 36 ) And Train Moves, Fast With Rail Clicks.

Description: Interior Old Subway Train; Pull Out And Move With Smooth Rail Clicks, Interior Vibration. Louder Than Modern Train. Quiet Brake Squeal, Stop. Doors Open ( Index 02 @1; 19 ), Announcer, Doors Close.

Description: Interior Modern Subway Train; Doors Close, Air Hiss, Pull Out. Smooth, Rumbling Rail Clicks And Interior Squeaks. Stop, Doors Open ( Index 02 @ 1; 21 ), Close Announcer, Doors Close And Away. Slow.

Description: Interior Modern Subway Train Squeaks And Groans Slow To Stop. Door Open, Close Announcer. Close Electronic Door Bell ( Index 02 @; 54 ), Door Close, Train Moves. Interior Fan Whirr, Squeaks And C.

Description: Subway Platform, Two-level. Distant Train Roar And Footsteps; Diffuse, Then Very Loud And Rumbling By Medium Perspective ( Index 02 @ 1; 34 ) . Away To Silence.

Description: Subway Platform; Train Idle, Medium Perspective. Distant P.a. Announcer, Bell Rings, Air Hisses. ( Index 02 @ 1; 23 ); Close Bell, P.a. Announcement Slow Train By With Heavy Metal Grinds, Hisses A.

Description: Subway Platform; Train In And Stop Close With Clear Rail Clicks. Air Hiss ( Index 02 @; 23 ) Doors Open, Interior Train Male Announcer, Doors Close And Away With Clear Metallic Rail Clicks. As Train.