Description: Subway Platform; Train In And Stop Close With Heavy Rail Clicks, Piercing Brake Squeal, Followed Immediately By Second Train In And Stop. Medium P.a. Announcer, Air Hisses And Away ( Index 02 @; 55.

Description: Interior Old Subway Train, Open Windows. Slow To Stop, Announcer, Thirty-fourth Street. Doors Open And Close, Train Pulls Out And Accelerates To Fast With Airy Metallic Clicks. Stop And Idle (.

Description: Boarding A Commuter Train; Doors Open And Close Air Hiss, Interior Train Idle Ambience. Train Bell Close ( Index 02 @; 59 ), Then Train Starts To Move With Light Thumps And Squeaks. More Door Open /.

Description: Large Subway Platform; Train In To Medium Perspective, Stop With Loud Brake Squeal, Away. Second Train In With Rumble, Brake Squeak And Stop, Idle. Medium Distant Announcer, Train Away Long.

Description: Start / Away ( Exterior ); Bart Train Goes Into Tunnel.

Description: Subway Train Accelerates, stop, Beeps, Pa Announcement, Impacts On Track, Brake Squeals, Door Open And Repeat.

Description: Subway Trains In, By And Away With Brake Squeals, Pa, Walla, Traffic And Footsteps.

Description: El Train Interior Steady With Rattles And Rail Clicks Three Different Perspectives.

Description: Subway Ambience: Light Walla And No Trains.

Description: El Train Exterior Long In, By And Away, With Others In Distance. Long Rumble, Piercing Brake Squeak On By, Away.

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