Description: Motorcycle; On Circuit; Trials Bike Away Round Circuit Riding On. Various Revs Etc.

Description: Motorcycle Road Racing; Pit Ambience 750 Cc Pit Ambience 750 Cc, M / S Fast Bys R / L, Crews Talking, Working On Bikes, Pa, Shot Cu From The Pits.

Description: Motorcycle, Norton, Tailpipe And Chain Pov, Steady, Medium Speed.

Description: Multiple Motorcycle Bys And Away, Faster Revs, Close POV.

Description: Motorcycle; Several Four Stroke Dirt Bikes Idle, Rev, And Away, Medium Pov.

Description: Motorcycle Road Racing; Victory Ambience 600 Cc Victory Ambience 600 Cc, Pa, Crowds Cheer, Applaud The Winners As They Drive Their Bikes Into The Winners Circle, Shot Cu From The Winners Circle.

Description: Motorcycle Road Racing; Start Ambience Twin Harley Start Ambience Twin Harley, Pa, Crowds, Bikes Drive In L / R From A Warm Up Lap Taking Their Places On The Grid For The Start Of The Race, Shot Cu From The Grid.

Description: Motorcycle Motocross; Internal 250 Cc Internal 250 Cc Honda, Internal Mic In Bike Racing Around The Track Shifting Thru Gears, ( Some Wind Can Be Heard, It Was Not Rolled Off To Give You The Wind Effect ) .

Description: Motorcycle; Constant; 125 Cc Motorbike Static High Revs. Simulating Constant Traveling, Then Normal Idling.

Description: Motorcycle Motocross; Pit Ambience 50 Cc Pit Ambience 50 Cc, Crowds, Bikes Idling, Revving, M / S Fast Bys From The Track, Shot Cu From The Pits.

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