Description: V6 Engine Ignition-Idle-Stop

Description: Ferrari 355 Gtb, 1995, Arrives, Fast, Engine Off; Digiffects; Ferrari Cars; Car Drive Aways

Description: Car engine starts, idles and turns off.

Description: Nissan Sentra interior point of view as key is inserted into ignition, and lighter is pushed in and out. Vehicles, Compact Ignition, Car Lighter, Cigarette.

Description: Ext: Crank Start, Idle, Shut Off From Side, Ford, Vintage Car Antique Cars (Pre 1940);Ford Cars

Description: Auto: Int: Insert Key Into Ignition Car Door & Ignition Keys

Description: Hard Start, Four Attempts Car Door & Ignition Keys

Description: Ext: Car Engine Starter, Short Car Door & Ignition Keys

Description: Car, Start, Ride, Internal, External, Stereo; Digiffects; Car Door & Ignition Keys; Car Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Description: Corvette Sports Car Engine Turning Over Won'T Start Sports Cars;Corvette Cars