Description: Car Reverse Whine; Start, Back Up With Reverse Transmission Whines, Stop, On Board Perspective.

Description: Nissan Sentra interior point of view as emergency brake is set then released, and gearshift lever moves back and fourth. Vehicles, Compact Gear Shift, Emergency Brake.

Description: Ford LTD hood and trunk open and close. Vehicles, Sedan Sedan, Car Open, Close.

Description: Nissan Sentra starts, idles, revs then drives off. Vehicles, Compact Start, Car Engine, Motor.

Description: VEHICLES - HORNS 1950’S: Car horn, large American car.

Description: Car Radiator; Boils And Hisses Steady, Close Perspective.

Description: Automobile; Horn; Tug Horn, Very Shrill.

Description: VEHICLES - HORNS 1950’S: Car horn, 5 honks.

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