Description: Car, Porsche 928, On Asphalt, Drives Off, Fast; Digiffects; Porsche Cars; Car Drive Aways

Description: Ford Escort 1987 Departing From Parking Garage Ford Cars

Description: Model T Running; Vintage Recording; Antique Cars (Pre 1940); Ford Cars; Car Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Description: Ford Escort 1987 Door Closed On Parking Garage Ford Cars;Car Doors

Description: Chrysler Passenger Van: Ext: Start, Pull Away, Very Fast Speed On Asphalt Road, From Side Car Drive Aways;Chrysler Cars

Description: Ext: False Start, Start, Idle, Accelerate Normally To Slow Speed From Right, Sports Car Ferrari Cars

Description: Ext: High Speed Maneuvering Through Bmw Cars

Description: Sports Car, Car, Arrives, Drives Off; Digiffects; Sports Cars; Car Passes

Description: Start Up And Pull Away Car Drive Aways

Description: Auto: Ext: Spin Wheels On Gravel, Away From Mic; Car Skids, Braking & Tires