Description: Start Up And Pull Away Car Drive Aways

Description: Auto: Ext: Spin Wheels On Gravel, Away From Mic; Car Skids, Braking & Tires

Description: Ext: False Start, Start, Idle, Accelerate Normally To Slow Speed From Right, Sports Car Ferrari Cars

Description: Car Exterior: Stop On Dirt, Car Skids, Braking & Tires

Description: Chrysler Passenger Van: Ext: Start, Idle, Pull Away, Slow Speed On Asphalt Road, From Side Car Drive Aways;Chrysler Cars

Description: Coming In, Slight Screech Car Drive Towards;Car Skids, Braking & Tires

Description: Car, Corvette, On Asphalt, Starts And Drives Off, Fast; Digiffects; Corvette Cars; Car Drive Aways

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Pull Away Spinning Tires, From Rear, Sports Car Sports Cars;Car Drive Aways

Description: Long Fast Pass Car Races

Description: Ext: Start, Idle, Accelerate Slowly To Slow Speed In Muddy Gravel, From Exhaust(L) Engine (R), Chevrolet, Truck, Suv, Sport Utility Vehicle, Jimmy Chevy Trucks