Description: Civic - repeating corner bys with accelerate aways & peel out.

Description: Civic - distant moderate approach, very fast accelerate by & away.

Description: Civic - quick & distant approach, screaming by and very quick away, turn around, & hard accelerate. Away.

Description: Civic - distant quick approach, moderate high rev by & away.

Description: VEHICLES - AUTO ENGINE PROBLEMS: Taxi cab motor sputtering.

Description: Car Trunk Open And Close; Mercedes Close Perspective.

Description: Cart Indy Car; Internal Start / Race / Engine Blows Internal Mic In Car Start, Revs, Away From The Pits Onto The Track Shifting Thru Gears Up To Speed Racing Around The Track, Until The Engine Blows, Then Shuts Off And Coasts.

Description: Vintage Formula 1; Internal Start / Idle / Away / Racing, Vintage Formula 1 Car 1975 Shadow ( Cosworth Ford V8 Engine ) Starts Up, Idles, Revs, Drives Away Onto The Track Shifting Thru Gears Up To Speed, Internal Mic In.

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