Description: Sound of: car driveby on asphalt road

Description: Model-t, By; Drives In With Clanks And Engine Chugging, Away With Distant Acceleration.

Description: Cart Indy Car; In / Off ( 2 Cars ) Cars Enter The Pits R / L And Shut Off, Shot Cu Directly Next To The Cars In Pit Lane.

Description: Cart Indy Car; By Deceleration ( 2 Cars ) By 2 Cars, Medium Fast L / R, Cars Downshift / Decelerate As They Drive By, Shot Cu Directly Next To The Track On Straight Away Just Before Turn.

Description: Integra quick soft in, shift into reverse, slow away.

Description: Automobile; In / Stop / Off; Morris Minor Slow Up, Stop, Idling And Switch Off.

Description: Maserati 6-cylinder Biturbo, Start Cu, Sputtering Revs, Idle, Off.