Description: Indy Car, Multiple Cars Start In Pit Area, Drive Back On To Coarse, Some Pit Walla.

Description: Demolition Derby; Racing Ambience, Cars Racing Around The Track R / L, Shot Cu From The Track. ( 5 / 8 Mile Oval Track ) .

Description: Toyota Atlantic Racing; Pit Ambience, Cu Car Idling, Revving, Shot Cu In The Pits.

Description: Nascar Racing; Interior / Racing, Internal Mic In Car From The Cockpit, Car Racing Around The Track, Shifting Thru Gears, Pebbles Hitting The Bottom Of The Car.

Description: Citroen Deux Chevaux, Interior Pov, Idle, Door Open and Close. Away Medium Speed, Driving In Traffic with Gear Shifts. Seat Rattles, Jostling, Bumps.

Description: Model T Ford; In And By, Driven In Circles Several Times.

Description: FIA GT Car; Away ( Several ) Away ( Several ), Cu Cars Driving Away R / L From The Pits Onto The Track, Shot Cu From The Pits.

Description: Sports Car Driving At 55-65 Mph, Slows To Stop, Shut Off Engine-mix.

Description: FIA GT Car; Garage Ambience Garage Ambience, Cu Porsche 911 Gt1, Crew Works On The Car Speaking German With Each Other, Shot Cu In The Porsche Garage.

Description: Sports Car Driving Over 100 Mph, Slows To Stop, Shut Off Engine-interior Perspective.