Description: Car, Warning, Sirene, Alarm, Car alarm

Description: Car, False Start, Interior, Engine starting, False engine starting

Description: an m3 with a custom exhaust revving to redline. some mic distortion as it got to the top end.

Description: Civic - quick & distant approach, screaming by and very quick away, turn around, & hard accelerate. Away.

Description: Lexus RX - distant approach in, stop, close idle and off, turbocharged.

Description: an audi a4 2.8 starting and idling and then revving up and holding. recorded at the exhaust.

Description: Vintage Formula 1; False Start / Start / Revs / Away, Vintage Formula 1 Car 1975 Shadow ( Cosworth Ford V8 Engine ) Trying To Start Turning Over With Electric Starter A Few Times Before It Starts, Revs And Races Away, Shot Cu From The Pits.

Description: Lexus RX - start, idle, few quick powerful revs, slow pull away at end, turbocharged.

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