Description: Car Trunk Open And Close; Mercedes Close Perspective.

Description: Lexus RX - moderate speed approach, moderate airy by, turbocharged.

Description: Nascar Racing; By ( Several ) By ( Several ), Cu Fast By R / L, Shot Directly Next To The Track.

Description: Lexus RX - single approach and accelerate through a corner, turbocharged.

Description: Lexus RX - extremely fast approach and accelerate by, turbocharged.

Description: Lexus RX - two quick accelerate approach and quick accelerate bys, turbocharged.

Description: Lexus RX - idle, fast rev and away, nice fade on away, turbocharged.

Description: Compact Car Vehicle Accelerates To Medium Speed On Pavement, Transitions To Gravel-exhaust Perspective Left, Engine Perspective Right.

Description: GTS Car; Away, Cu Car Drives Away L / R From The Pits, Shot Cu In The Pits.

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