Description: Bus Station: Ext: General Ambience, Busses, Voices, City Background Bus Stations

Description: Bus; Interior; Interior Coach Quiet Start Up, Doors Close And Away To Constant Traveling. No Stop.

Description: Bus; By; Coach Slow Past Mic. With Air Brake Puff, Turns In Mid Shot, Then Comes Up To Mic. Stops, Idling And Switch Off With Air Brake Puff.

Description: Terminal: Exterior, Buses Approach And Depart Bus Stations

Description: Bus Station, Gare Du Nord, Paris, France; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences; World Ambiences; France

Description: Bus Station, Busy, Hum Of Voices, Hebrew, Jerusalem; Digiffects; Traffic Ambiences; World Ambiences; Israel

Description: Ext: Idle, Pull Away, Fast Speed, Exit Right Buses

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