Description: Inboard, Chris Craft: Leaving Slip, Moving Slowly, Marine Miscellaneous Pleasure Watercraft

Description: Boats, Square XV, Catamaran, Outboard, water movements, travel, cruising speed, uproar bg engines

Description: Barks Paqueta island Ferry Boat pier reaches passengers dezembarque engines slow shouting movement bg of woods creaking, environment

Description: Ocean Fishing Trawler: 150 Hp Inboard: On Board: Start, Reverse, Drive At Medium Speed, Slow To Reverse, Shut Off, From Cabin, Boat Fishing Trawlers

Description: Lake Barge: Three Engine Diesel: On Board: Start, Idle, Drive At Cruising Speed, Slow To Stop, Shut Off, Heavy Wake Splash, Boat Barges

Description: Paddle Wheel River Boat: Diesel Powered: Ext: Approach And Dock, Voices; Paddle Wheel Boats

Description: 300 Hp Inboard Speed-Ski Boat: On Board: Start, Idle, Drive At Fast Speed, Slow To Reverse, Shut Off Ski Boats

Description: Ferry, Car Ferry, Ride, Arrives, Slowing Down, Engine; Digiffects; Ferries