Description: Long, fat drone of a B-17 bomber in flight overhead.

Description: Ambience from inside the aircraft: the pilot announced we are beginning to landing

Description: WW2 prop plane long distant buzzing drone. Recording made from the ground. Some birds.

Description: Vintage open cockpit single prop plane flys by slightly unsteady as is typical.

Description: Sound of small aircraft flying over head with the hum of the engine and then fading in to the distant s. Ideal for projects that require this type of sound effect.

Description: Old aircraft passing slowly over the town

Description: Sound of: propeller old plane fly over

Description: Been wanting to a jet flying over the house and got lucky Friday as I was standing in my back yard around 3 am. I love this one as well and use will be using it regularly.

Description: this is a nice clip of a plane passing over.

Description: Nice sound of a jet flying over on a hot summer's day.

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