Description: Apache Helicopters x3 By Fast Right, Left.

Description: Two CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters fly by. Choppers, Aircraft Engine, Helicopter.

Description: CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter hovers overhead. Choppers, Aircraft Engine, Helicopter.

Description: AH-1W Cobra gunship idles. Helicopter, Cobra Engine, Helicopter.

Description: Oh-6 Loach: In, Dive By, Away Fast. Stereo.

Description: Oh-6 Loach: By, Medium Close-up. Stereo.

Description: HELICOPTER BELL AH-1 SEA COBRA: EXT: Hovering steady. Machine gun and rocket fires with steady blade thwops.

Description: Jet Helicopter, Idle and Lift Off.

Description: Medium Speed Helicopter By, Medium Distant.

Description: Helicopter Startup, Jet Ranger, Startup with Engine & Turbine Whine, Builds To Take Off with Blade Thwop.

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