Description: Huey Helicopter Take Off, Close Perspective; With High-pitched Whine.

Description: Helicopter Close Perspective; Steady Blade Thwop.

Description: Helicopter Bell 212 In, Land, Looped At Peak.

Description: Helicopter By, Huey, Long Approach & Away, Medium Speed, Heavy Low Blade Thwops.

Description: CH-53 Super Stallion helicopter takes off. Choppers, Aircraft Engine, Helicopter.

Description: HELICOPTER JET: EXT: Idle. Good jet engine wine.

Description: Helicopter; Idle; Helicopter Fast Motor Idling.

Description: Helicopter; Land; Helicopter Landing And Motor Idling.

Description: Simulated Helicopter: Rapid Heartbeat Blade Whips; Helicopters

Description: Helicopter; Interior; Whirlwind Helicopter Constant In Flight.