Description: Oh-6 Loach: Interior Start-up And Takeoff. Stereo.

Description: UH-1 Huey: Exterior Shut-down To Stop. Stereo.

Description: A helicopter is fliing by sound effect.

Description: Small news or police helicopter circles overhead in the medium distance. Urban environment. Stereo.

Description: Helicopter, 4 Seats, Ride, Landing, Beep Signal, Internal; Digiffects; Helicopters

Description: Helicopters, Idling, Taking Off, Airplane; Digiffects; Helicopters

Description: Helicopter, Large, Starts, Hovers, Airplane; Digiffects; Helicopters

Description: Robinson R-22: Approach, Land, Shut Off Helicopters

Description: Twin Huey: Exterior: Idle, Shut Off Helicopters