Description: Passenger Helicopter: Ext: Flying Steady Helicopters

Description: UH-1 Huey: Exterior Hover, Medium Close-up And Away. Stereo.

Description: UH-1 Huey: Hover, Medium Distant, Away. Stereo.

Description: Sound of: slow motion different phased propeller

Description: UH-1 Huey: Interior Start-up, Power-up To Idle. Good Blade Definition. Mono.

Description: Helicopter Blade Whops Fast Speed Close Up.

Description: Huey Helicopter Take Off, Close Perspective; With High-pitched Whine.

Description: Helicopter Blades Whooshes Multiple.

Description: Helicopter Long In From Distant Towards Mic, By Close Overhead, And Away. Low End Blade Definition And Slight Doppler On By.

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