Description: Sikorsky-61 Helicopter: Ext: Approach, Land, Shut Off

Description: Sikorsky-61 Helicopter: Ext: Idle, Distant

Description: Police Helicopter: Ext: Very Slow Approach, Hover, Away and Back Near End

Description: Sikorsky-61 Helicopter: Ext: Idle, Close

Description: C135 Helicopter: Ext: Taxi, Heavy Chopping

Description: Black Hawk Helicopter: Ext: Approach, Hover, Away

Description: Waves rolling onto sandy beach in the middle distance as a helicopter passes over head turning as it does so. Some occasional distant shouts of people and sea gulls.

Description: Sound recording of a helicopter flying in on an approach to a landing zone, landing on the ground, idling briefly and then powering down its propellers.

Description: sound of a helicopter passing

Description: a steady helicopter engine sound, distant

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