Description: Helicopter; Interior; Wessex Mk5 Helicopter Interior Start Up, Motor Idling And Take Off To Constant Flying.

Description: Helicopter Startup, Jet Ranger, Startup with Engine & Turbine Whine, Builds To Take Off with Blade Thwop.

Description: Apache Helicopter Medium By Left, Hover; Away Right.

Description: Apache Helicopter Medium, Slow By Right, Left; More Distant, Long Out.

Description: Helicopter Approaching Landing and Idle.

Description: Helicopter Bell 212 Approach and Land, Rev Down, Loop.

Description: Helicopter Blades Whooshes Multiple.

Description: Jet Helicopter, Exterior Idle and Take Off.

Description: Jet Helicopter, Exterior Idle,Take Off.

Description: Jet Helicopter, Idle and Lift Off.