Description: Oh-6 Loach: Interior Idle And Power-down. Stereo.

Description: Ah-1 Cobra Helicopters By, Distant Perspective, W Rockets Firing And Low Impacts.

Description: Helicopter Long In From Distant Towards Mic, By Close Overhead, And Away. Low End Blade Definition And Slight Doppler On By.

Description: Helicopter In And By Distant With Swirling Reflected Sound.

Description: Helicopter; Idle / Take Off; Westland Helicopter Motor Idling, Takes Off And Away.

Description: Helicopter; Hover; Constant Soviet Jet Helicopter Hovering Just Off Mic.

Description: Helicopter; Hover; Wessex Helicopter Approach And Hover Just Off Mic.

Description: Helicopter; Hover / Land; Bell Helicopter General Flying Around, Eventually Lands And Motor Idling.

Description: Helicopter; Land; Large Helicopter Approach And Land With Rundown. May Be Jet Assisted.

Description: Helicopter; Land; Lynx Helicopter Approach, Lands And Switch Off.